3 Reasons You Might Need a Life Insurance Attorney

Life insurance policies can be hard to understand. To make matters worse, life insurance issues often come up after a tragic death. Hiring a life insurance attorney can help you navigate this difficult process. In this article, we will explain the role of a life insurance attorney. This will help you choose the best lawyer for your needs.

1- Your Life Insurance Claim Was Denied

If a loved one’s life insurance policy is clear, then you should know exactly what you are entitled to. Unfortunately, this is not always how the situation plays out. Lots of people file life insurance claims only to have them denied. If a life insurance company denies a claim in bad faith, then you need a lawyer. A life insurance attorney can argue your case and help you get what you deserve.

2- There is a Competing Claim

Sometimes, two different parties can both make a claim on a person’s life insurance. This can happen for several reasons. Firstly, the policyholder may have added a new beneficiary without telling you. Secondly, an old beneficiary might try to make a claim that they are not entitled to. Complicated issues can arise from these situations. Thus, it is important to have a good lawyer by your side to help you make your case.

3- You Have Questions About Life Insurance or Estate Planning

Life insurance policies can be overwhelming. A life insurance attorney can help you make sense of your (or your loved one’s) policy. It’s also important to remember that life insurance is just one part of a person’s general estate plan. If you have any questions about estate planning in general, then contact a lawyer. This will provide you with peace of mind while preparing for the future.

Life Insurance Attorney in Houston

You don’t have to face your life insurance claim alone. Our team understands life insurance policies and the laws behind them. We can help you during this stressful time. To learn more, call us today.




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