3 Things a Corporate Attorney Needs to Know When Starting a Business in Texas

Starting a business requires a can-do attitude, but it’s also important to know when to call in the professionals. A corporate attorney can help you protect yourself and your new endeavor from trouble down the road. It’s always a good idea to work with a qualified attorney during the early stages of your business venture.

Why Your Corporate Attorney Needs to Know About Partnerships

When you get ready to start a business with a partner, there’s a good chance the relationship is a good one, built on trust. Still, even the closest partnerships can become strained. You want to make sure everyone is protected before the ball starts rolling. A corporate attorney can define your legal partnership with contracts and agreements that provide protection for all involved parties. This is something you’ll be glad you have in hand if a once-solid business partnership begins to erode.

Outlining Your Goals With a Corporate Attorney

From the formation of an LLC to in-house counsel services and legal advice for startups, an attorney can provide you with an array of invaluable services. To do this effectively, a good corporate attorney will need an outline of your goals and aims in starting a business venture. Knowing what you plan to do and what you hope to accomplish allows an attorney to give you advice tailored to your unique needs.

Legal Filings and Requirements

Filing documents with the Texas Secretary of State is a vital step toward realizing your dreams of small business ownership. Keep in mind, though, seemingly small mistakes can have potentially costly repercussions down the line. When your attorney knows the scope of your business and the services or goods you plan to provide, they’re better equipped to help you navigate the process of filing applicable paperwork before launch.

Whether your plan for business ownership is in its infancy or you’re already well on your way, a corporate attorney is a wise investment. Call E.S.S Law Partners today to schedule a consultation.



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