Estate Planning for Blended Families

Are your loved ones included in your will? While this may sound like an obvious question, it can be surprisingly complicated. For instance, blended families sometimes need to take extra steps to ensure that the right family members are included in their documents. Taking the right steps now will save your family a world of stress in the future. Read on to learn more about estate planning for blended families.

Thinking Beyond The Traditional Will

This is a key part of estate planning for blended families. The fact is, traditional wills don’t work for everybody. If you have stepchildren, then you will need to take extra considerations when planning for your assets. Some people want to divide assets evenly between their children and stepchildren, while others do not. While the choice is yours, your wishes need to be expressed in writing.

Planning For Complications

This isn’t nice to think about, but is often the reality for families after a loved one’s death. Sometimes, disputes happen over a person’s will. To avoid this, make a trusted person your trustee and work with a lawyer to ensure your will is clear and legally binding.

Preparing For Healthcare Decisions

This is another big issue. Usually, a person will only be able to name one person to make their healthcare decisions if they are not able to. If you have a blended family, then this requires extra consideration. Communicate your wishes with family members early so that everyone is on the same page. However, also prepare that these family relationships could shift after you are unable to communicate.

Choosing an Attorney

The right lawyer can help with estate planning for blended families. Regardless of your needs, an estate attorney will make sure your final wishes are honored. The estate experts at Edwards Law Firm PLLC can help you create a will, trust, or end-of-life plan. Call us today to learn more.



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