How a Mortgage Attorney Can Help You Through Tough Times

Are you dealing with financial issues? This is a tough reality for many people. Whether you dealt with job changes due to the pandemic or had unexpected expenses, you might find that money is tight. It can be easy to think of the worst case scenario. What happens if you can’t pay your mortgage? Will you lose your home?

If you are facing a financial hardship, then it’s important to know you have options. Below, we’ll share three common situations that a mortgage attorney can help you deal with.

1- You Are Having Issues With Your Lender

This is an issue that can affect any homeowner, not just those facing financial issues. However, lender issues can be very costly for a potential buyer, so it’s important to hire a mortgage attorney if you need one. Your lawyer can look over contracts and documents to make sure that everything is fair and legally binding. Ideally, your lawyer will then straighten out any issues before they affect you. However, if you do need to go to court, then your lawyer can fight for you.

2- You Cannot Pay Your Mortgage

If you cannot pay your mortgage, then you need to call a mortgage attorney right away. Your lawyer can review the mortgage and also your current financial situation. They can then help you work with your mortgage company to find a solution.

3- You Are Facing Foreclosure

If you have not paid your mortgage for several months, then the lender can start the foreclosure process. However, that doesn’t mean that foreclosure is a guarantee. There are also options, such as forbearance, refinancing, and loan modification that can help you get back with your payments. A mortgage attorney can help you negotiate with your lender to help you avoid foreclosure.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

We know that financial hardships can be scary. However, ignoring your problems will only make them worse. At Edwards Law Firm, we have a dedicated team of attorneys who are here to fight for you. We can help you deal with your mortgage company or address other housing-related issues. Call us today for a toll-free consultation.



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