Looking For Debt Recovery Solutions? Here’s How a Lawyer Can Help.

Whether you are a debtor or a creditor, debt collections can be challenging. It is important to find a solution that works for both parties. This will ensure that payment is collected and also that everyone is respected in the process. An attorney that specializes in debt recovery solutions can help. Learn more about what these lawyers do below.

What is Debt Collection?

Debt collection is the process that a creditor goes through to settle an unpaid debt. While debt collection can be stressful for a consumer, the process should not be intimidating. In fact, there are laws in place to prevent debt collectors from harassing or tricking you. A lawyer can help both debtors and collectors handle the debt collection process.

Debt Recovery Solutions for Creditors

If you are dealing with a debtor, then an attorney can help you get your money back. We specialize in these financial situations and will work hard to ensure that the payment is collected. We also understand various types of debt and can help you explore the legal options you have in your specific case.

Dealing With Collections as a Debtor

Debt recovery can be tremendously stressful if you are the person in debt. Of course, we know that you do not want to be in this situation. We will work with you- and with the creditor- to find a creative solution that settles the debt using your current resources. We will also make sure you know your rights as a consumer so that a fair deal can be reached.

Need Legal Help? Call Us Toll-Free

Edwards Law Firm PLLC can help you deal with a variety of legal challenges. We understand that every client’s situation is different. That’s why we work with you personally to learn the ins and outs of your specific needs. Whether you need a debt recovery solution or have another issue, we can help. Call today to learn more.



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