Outside Counsel: How to Choose the Right Attorney

If you are thinking about hiring outside counsel, then you might be overwhelmed. You might fear that this new attorney won’t understand the ins and outs of your business. You might also be afraid of changing your workplace dynamics. However, with the right attorney, you don’t need to worry about these issues. So who should you hire? Below, we’ll share our top tips for choosing your outside counsel.

Understanding the Role of Outside Counsel

Many large groups or companies have their own lawyers. Especially large organizations might even have their own legal department. These attorneys are designed to help the business (and its employees) deal with legal issues, contracts, and so on. Outside counsel is an attorney that does not work for your organization.

There are lots of different reasons to hire outside counsel. Sometimes, they are simply an extra set of hands and can assist a very busy legal department. Other times, they are brought in for their expertise on a certain subject. Regardless, an outside attorney can be a valuable part of your team.

Finding a Lawyer in Your Industry

Your first consideration when hiring outside counsel is that lawyer’s area of expertise. It’s important to get an attorney who has experience with your specific issues. Before you hire this lawyer, ask them about their relevant experience.

Choosing The Best Attorney For Your Needs

Of course, experience isn’t the only factor you should consider. Your lawyer’s personality, communication style, and work ethic all go a long way. Outside attorneys often have a difficult job. They need to act as a liaison between business owners, employees, and other attorneys. A good attorney will listen carefully so that they can best represent you. They will also have a proven track record. Get a consultation from an attorney before hiring them to make sure they’re the best option for your needs.

Outside Counsel in Houston, TX

Are you looking to hire outside counsel? Give us a call. At Edwards Law Firm, we help a wide range of clients navigate the legal system. Trying to decide if we’re the right fit for you? Call us toll-free for a consultation.



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