Private Attorney Vs. Public Defender: Who is Best For Your Case?

If you are going to court, then you know you need representation. There are generally two options for this: a private attorney or a public defender. But what is the difference between these lawyers? Will my type of lawyer affect the outcome of my case? Read on to learn more about these types of attorneys. 

What is a Public Defender?

A public defender is a lawyer that a court can appoint to represent you at your trial, free of charge. Everyone in America has the right to an attorney. However, many lawyers are expensive. Public defenders are an important part of the American justice system, ensuring that everyone who is charged can have a trained professional represent them in court.

Myths About Public Defenders

A common myth is that public defenders are not as skilled as private attorneys. This is not true. In fact, public defenders usually have lots of experience in a variety of different areas of the law. Another myth is that everyone automatically gets a public defender. While having one is your right, you will still need to request one.

Reasons for Choosing a Private Attorney

If you choose to hire a private attorney, then you can choose the exact person you want to represent you. This means you can find someone who is an expert in their field. You can also make sure that you feel comfortable with this person, which can make a big difference during the stress of a lawsuit.

Working With Edwards Law Firm PLLC

At Edwards Sutarwalla, we know that going through a lawsuit can be overwhelming and scary. Our attorneys will make the process as easy as possible. With decades of combined legal experience, we are equipped to fight for you in court. Ready to learn more? Schedule a free consultation by calling 888-757-6660 .



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