Starting a New Business? Hire a Lawyer

Starting a new business is a very exciting time. While you are exploring different options, you might wonder if you need a lawyer at this phase. Would it be better to wait until your business gets off the ground? This is a common way of thinking. However, we say it’s best to have an attorney right from the start. Below, we will explain why.

Expert Advice From the Beginning

There are different types of small businesses. Should you form an LLC? Maybe you should stay as a sole proprietor. What about becoming a corporation or an S-Corp? New terms and daunting IRS forms can be scary. A lawyer will be able to give you guidance before you even register your business. They can help you choose the right type of business. They can also help you file your paperwork.

Tax Advice

Taxes are often the scariest part of becoming a business owner. Not only are they confusing, but also the stakes are high. What happens if you screw up? Nobody wants to get audited. Your attorney can give you tax advice from the beginning. This will help you file correctly. Moreover, this advice can save you money. Attorneys know tax deductions that many business owners surely miss.

An Expert to Grow With You

You have big plans for your company. Why not plan for the future? Your attorney will help you when you decide to expand. Whether you want to bring in new employees or become a corporation, your lawyer can help. It’s also nice to work with the same attorney as you expand. This way, they will know your company goals intimately.

Get Started Today

When starting a business, timing is everything. You don’t have to wait for expert legal advice. Our law partners will guide you through starting a new business. This way, you can be sure your startup is ready to go. Ready to talk to a lawyer? Call us at 888-757-6660.



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