Tenant Rights: What Renters Need to Know

It’s important that all renters know their tenant rights. Usually, landlords are fair to the people who trust them for housing. However, sometimes landlords and tenants have disputes. While this happens somewhat regularly, it can still feel like you’re alone in your battle. If you can’t solve the issue, then you might need to hire a lawyer. Below, we will go over your rights.

Know Your Rights

Laws are in place to protect tenants. Knowing your rights as a renter will help you notice if something with your living situation isn’t quite right. However, many renters aren’t aware of these rights. For instance, landlords must make rental unit repairs to keep you safe. You also have a legal right to peace and quiet in your own home. Click here to learn your rights from the Texas Attorney General.

Are You Being Unfairly Evicted?

Disputes over evictions are very common in tenant/landlord cases. Your landlord cannot evict you without a good reason, and they must be able to prove why they are evicting you. They also must return your deposit when you move out unless they are keeping it to cover damages. Furthermore, you cannot be charged for normal wear and tear after you move out.

How a Lawyer Can Help

A lawyer can help you deal with your landlord dispute. Your lawyer will study your lease and make sure all of the terms are being met. They can also help you take legal action if you cannot solve your housing problems. Because these issues involve housing, it’s important to get professional help.

Call Us For More Information

We know how scary a landlord issue can be. Understanding tenant rights will help you feel secure. Working with a lawyer will also help you resolve your problem. Our compassionate, professional lawyers have experience in tenant/landlord law. They are here to help. Call 888-757-6660 to talk to a lawyer.



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