Understanding Construction Law as a Business Owner

While there are numerous challenges that come with running a business, construction issues can prevent your project from even getting off the ground. Therefore, if you’re opening a business storefront, then it’s important to know the basics of construction law. Below, we’ll share the basics of construction law- and when you need to call a lawyer for your project.

What is Construction Law?

Construction law refers to the rules and regulations that must be followed during the planning and building of a structure. Of course, this means that the law is quite broad. This means that these attorneys typically specialize in one aspect of the building process, such as zoning, contracting, or project administration. Attorneys can work on a local, state, or national level.

What Do These Attorneys Do?

There are attorneys to handle just about every step of the construction process. Some handle bid protests, arbitration, mediation, and other issues related to project administration. Other attorneys will work with contracts, zoning, negotiation, and other financial aspects of the building process. Clients can choose to have one lawyer oversee their entire project, or work with several different experts at different steps in the process.

Do You Need a Construction Lawyer?

If you are planning for a new build (or are renovating an existing building), then it’s very important to talk to an attorney. Of course, they will offer you legal protection. However, they can also save you time and money by helping you navigate the red tape of your city and/or state.

Other Legal Specialities to Consider

There are other types of attorneys you might want to consult during your build, too. Lawyers specializing in contracts, real estate, and insurance law can all be useful during this process. Schedule a consultation with a law firm to learn more about the type of attorneys who are best suited to your needs.

Talk to a Lawyer Today

The attorneys at Edwards Law Firm are here to fight for your business. Whether you need help with construction law or another business matter, our team can help you navigate the legal system. Call us toll-free to learn more.



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