What Should You Do After A Car Accident In Texas?

First things first, calm your nerves. You must stay composed and follow guidelines to safeguard your rights in this situation for insurance claims or a lawsuit. If you are unaware of what to do in this case scenario, this blog is the perfect piece of reading. Learn what you should do after getting involved in a car accident in Texas.

  1. Do Not Flee the Accident Scene
    Stay at the scene of your car accident in Texas, as leaving could result in hit-and-run charges. This shows your account of the incident to law enforcement officials, which helps balance the accident report. Moreover, it serves as an opportunity to get evidence from the scene and exchange information with the counterparty.
  2. Reach a Safe Location
    Exclude yourself from the collision course if you or your vehicle is not severely damaged, to a safe location. Turn on the hazard lights and take your car too if it is possible, after the accident.
  3. Do Not Exchange Information
    Do not discuss the accident with anyone. If you give your name, address, and vehicle registration number, also note the other driver’s insurance information.
  4. Call the Cops
    Once you are in the right frame of mind after your car accident in Texas, dial 911. It is better to call yourself rather than the other driver.
  5. Get Medical Help
    Even if you find yourself unharmed, still seek medical help immediately after the car accident. Injuries may not be visible but internal. Seeking immediate medical help allows early diagnosis and treatment, minimizing their long-term impact.
  6. Gather Evidence
    If you are working at normal capacity, take pictures of the accident scene, your injuries, and any damage to your vehicle. Take details of any eyewitnesses and jot down what they observed.
  7. Contact Your Insurance Provider
    Get in touch with your insurance firm and inform them about the accident so that they can start working on your claim process.
  8. Purchase Your Police Crash Report
    The crash report is unbiased assessment evidence of the incident, which includes essential details like the following:

    • Date, time, and location of the accident
    • Parties involved
    • Statements from the drivers
    • Witnesses
    • Diagram of the accident scene
    • Damages
    • Citations issued
  9. Contact an Accident Attorney
    Fixing an accident attorney is an essential step to get maximum compensation for your personal injury damage. Only a thorough attorney can guide you through the legal process, represent you in court for settlements, etc.
  10. Create a Record File
    You must have the following information written:

    • Keep a notebook that can comprehensively record your physical and emotional well-being after the incident. Jotting down injuries, medical treatments, and emotional state can significantly assist your claims.
    • Do not leave out any details of your expenses. Make sure to save receipts for medical treatments, physical therapy, medicines, and any assistive devices like wheelchairs or crutches.
    • Another important aspect is to document missed work and income because of the car accident that took place in Texas.

Closing Note

More often than not, insurance companies use tactics to make claimants settle for less or abandon their claims entirely. So, do not give up because we are here for you. Whether you find yourself in a situation like this or any other, do not hesitate to consult with a skilled lawyer who can help you get maximum compensation for a car accident. You can get in touch with our attorneys from Edwards Sutarwalla Samani LLP to help you in this regard. Call us at (713) 565-1353 to get started.



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