What’s a Construction Lawyer- And Do I Need One?

If you’re a business owner, then you already have a lot on your plate. Are you building or expanding a brick and mortar location, too? A construction lawyer can make sure the process is done correctly. However, there are other times when a construction lawyer is helpful, too. Read on to learn what these attorneys do- and if it’s time for you to hire one.

What is a Construction Lawyer?

A construction lawyer handles the legal side of the construction process, ranging from the planning stages to building and then completion. Of course, a lot goes on in those steps, which is why you might not even realize you need a construction lawyer. They can help you understand everything from zoning laws and permits to workers’ contracts and labor disputes. They can also help you tackle environmental and construction issues.

Who Needs a Construction Lawyer?

If you are in any stage of the building process, then it’s best to call a construction lawyer. You can talk through your issues in a consultation before deciding to move forward. Lawyers can help you understand building regulations, city codes, and any issues you face during the actual building. A lawyer can also look over your plans and make sure you’re all set to move forward.

Construction Lawyers for Contract Issues

A construction lawyer can also help you create contracts and other legal documents for your project. They can help you draft contracts and permit requests as well as business proposals. Lawyers can advocate for you at town hearings and other places where you need to present business plans. While you plan your new project, your attorney will make sure your documentation is correct, preventing hiccups along the way.

Talk to an Attorney Today

You don’t need to handle your construction issues on your own. At Edwards Law Firm, we specialize in construction law and also other legal disciplines. Our attorneys combine their legal experience to provide you with well-rounded, expert advice. We also offer toll-free consultations, so you can easily learn if our services are right for you. Call us today to get started.



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